Web development for startups. Minus the pain.

Fixed-priced web development for your marketing websites, landing page or web app.

Resilient development, easy to update and manage, bug-free, built on tech stacks adapted to your needs. Oh yeah, and very fast. 

web3 design & development
web3 design & development
web3 design & development

We build fast responsive sites, future-proofed.

Why we're different:

Innovative Design

We’ve helped web projects off the ground, from nothing but an idea to complex web apps and presentation websites. Crisp, purpose-built design that makes a strong impression is our specialty.

Truly Agile

The tech stacks we build on maximise flexibility and deliverability. We use well-documented frameworks and tools to insure your project stability. Depending on the level of depth your tech solution needs, we can secure any capabilities to deliver your project.

Unique experiences

If there’s anything that makes us stand out, it’s that our experiences are one of a kind. We make the most out of trends, but always transcend beyond them.

A good time

A very underrated quality of teams working with startups is the ability to keep the energy up while working on a project. We make sure we solve rather than create another problem for you to think about.

Supereasy Web Dev Pricing:

WordPress Development

$3,500 per week.

WordPress is a robust, tried and tested platform. We are using it to build websites from scratch, no themes involved, as a way to get to market fast while benefiting from a wide range of integrations.

Good for:

Framer Development

$3,200 per week.

Framer Sites is a new tool. We are one of the first studios using it to deliver websites fast and with great results. Framer is great for trying out ideas or making business websites that adapt in time.

Good for:

Web App Development

$5,500 per week.

For SaaS platforms, starting with the right stack can save you ridiculous amount of time and money on the long run. We're using state of the art tools and frameworks to get startups from 0 to 1 fast and painless.

Good for:

Included: Revisions, Placeholder content, Graphics, Animations, Initial SEO setup, Analytics, Responsive layouts, Hosting recommendations, UX expertise, Custom UI Development

How working with us works

Making work supereasy.

Our onboarding is simple and straightforward: 

1. Email us or go on Discord saying who you are and what you need.

2. If we’re a match, we do a quick debrief, via video or text. 

3. We tell you how long your project will take and when we can start.

Ready to deploy?

Send us an email for an intro or join our Discord and chat to someone right away.