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We’re the team that ships your idea fast, budget-effective and pixel-perfect for web and mobile. Founders seek our help when they want someone who can match their grind, their deadlines and their goals. 

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wait, what is Supereasy?

Supereasy is a design and dev studio

We specialize in shipping apps quality design and code for web and mobile apps

We exist because hiring talented people for your startup is a slow process. We not only take on the workload quickly, but we also deliver well-architected solutions fast, using modern tech. 

so what can you actually do?

If you’re a startup, we help you build.

World-class user interfaces. Unique design. Solid infrastructure.

Not only that, but we also question you where you need to be questioned. We can work side by side with you or your team.


Design Systems

We can build a solid, well-architected design system for your company. We’ve got people on our team who can help you with anything from visuals to the crispest button you’ve ever seen.

UI & Interfaces

We can help you develop fully fleshed out interfaces. We use Tailwind and various customisable design libraries (shadcn, Radix, Headless UI) to achieve best results in record time.

Web and App Development

We develop projects that are happy to go with our preferred stack (Next JS/Remix, Supabase/Postgres, Capacitator + Cordova, Tailwind).

Ok, I need this but how much does it cost?

We adapt our pricing to each project.

If you need a bit of help we charge a daily rate.

If you need ongoing help, we have a monthly rate for unlimited design & dev work. We also do accurate estimates so we make the most out of your budget and deadlines.

We also do fixed-fee, if that’s more comfortable. 


Daily rate*


For consultation or quick project interventions, we operate under an affordable daily rate.

Monthly Retainer


For longer or indefinite projects where you need full support, you can opt for a monthly retainer.

Fixed price

Get estimate

If you’d like a fixed priced and set deadline estimate, like in the good old days.

If you want to trial working with us we offer a discounted 3-day rate of $600 ($200 per day). You will see how much we can get done in 3 days, so it’s a pretty good deal.