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What you get

Branding & Visual foundation

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Why supereasY:

Brands that shine

Our focus when building a brand is simple – make it stand out.

Crisp, purpose-built design that makes a strong impression is our specialty.

Solid Design System

We work with innovative tools like Figma or Framer to make sure that at the end of the process you’ve got a solid design library that your team can use on the long run.

Built for the future

Trends come and go, but good brands stay around. One of our goals is to design things that stand the test of time. 

A good time

An underrated quality of teams working with startups is the ability to keep the energy high while working on a project. We make sure we solve things rather than create another problem for you to think about.


Brand Development

$1,500 per week.

Usually 3-4 weeks.

Good for:

Need a logo?

If you just need a logo, we've got a special service for that.

Good for:

What others say:

Amelia, Former Media Director (BBDO group)

London, UK

“Over the course of our ongoing cooperation, now in its second year, I have come to appreciate the team’s willingness to listen and to understand what the business needs. supereasy was responsible for completing the rebranding exercise we have carried out for my brand, a new and improved website & marketing materials.”

Niko, CEO

New York, US

“Great communication and fast shipping. I needed a team to help with some high-quality design layouts for my MVP. The design process with them was easy and I was able to test my product on the market in 2 weeks.”

Brands, but super easy.

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