Our goal= make your life supereasy.

Supereasy is a hyperfast service that matches the dynamic of modern startups.

We’ve worked with many startups across the 12 years we’ve been active in this space. The things everybody asks for are simple: predictable pricing and quality asset delivery. We’ve made supereasy tailored to the needs of modern founders and companies that value good design & code, delivered fast.


Founder & Creative Director

We made it super easy to start working with us. The onboarding process used to take at least a couple of weeks with traditional studios. We’ve made it so that if you talk to us this week we can start working together the next.


Founder & Head of Operations

Predictable Value-driven Design & development

Why do it super easy?

Fixed weekly pricing
With us, there are no retainers or complicated processes. We just start and deliver.

Low risk
Did something come up? Pause or cancel your project anytime. We don’t need any notice.

Quality assets
We deliver quality assets throughout. You won’t be getting just any standard cookie-cutter service.

We know startups
We’re a startup ourselves. With us, there’s always an open door. 

Most importantly, we use the best suited tools and frameworks out there to get the job done:

web3 design & development
web3 design & development
web3 design & development

Skip the pain. Build supereasy.

Send us an email for an intro or join our Discord and chat to someone right away.