Design & Dev for startups that choose to skip the struggle.
Super Easy.

360° services designed to match your grind.

A logo that sticks

Get a logo worth millions.
For $899*.

*Subject to your hustling talent.

UI & Branding

Product design from the pros, fine-tuned to your team dynamics.

No fuss, crisp and visionary.

web3 design & development
web3 design & development
web3 design & development

Modern Web Dev

Visionary, easy to update websites or web apps built on resilient tech stacks.
web3 design & development
web3 design & development
web3 design & development

Why Supereasy?

Startups are fast. So are we.

We’ve made Supereasy to match the dynamic needs of today’s startups. 

With traditional agencies, the whole process from receiving a quote to handoff is slow and expensive. 

Our way is fast, transparent and significantly less expensive. The supeasy way.

Fixed Weekly Pricing

To make project estimates easier, we have fixed weekly prices for design & development. 

Clear Deadlines & Delivery

We just tell you how long your project will take and stick to the deadline. Magic (no, it’s actually knowing our stuff).

Embedded in your team

We work closely with you and your team. Think of us as the Special Taskforce, when you need something delivered.


Thirdwork - freelancing for web3 experts

5 weeks is all it took to help the Thirdwork team build an amazing brand, brought alive by powerful illustrations, and a live site to launch their startup.

Our secret?

We deliver like magic.

We’re a bit psychic. 

Before we start, we tell you how long your project will take.
And your fixed weekly fee. 

Real professionals are able to give you exact estimates. That’s why our projects don’t take longer than estimated. On the off-chance it does take longer, all extra work is on us. That’s rare.

For this reason, we only work with about 1 in 5 clients who come to us. We need to know you’ve got what it takes too.

All of our projects run on predictable schedules, so what we need from you and your team has to reach us in time.

Fortunately, most successful founders like you are like that.

Our team worked on projects for

The SuperEasy Pricing

We do fixed pricing for all of our services. Coupled with unmatched delivery times, you will probably be saving money and getting stellar work:


$899 (one-time)

Branding & UI


UI & App design



from 0.15 BTC/week

Web development

from $3,200/week

Oh, and one more thing.

No outsourcing.

There are plenty of ‘agencies’ out there who outsource your work to people actually doing it.

With SuperEasy you’ll work directly with our team of battle-tested expert level designers and developers. 

Ready to ride the dragon?

Send us an email for an intro or join our Discord and chat to someone right away.